Tight Oil E&P Companies With The Following Job Titles:

VPs, Directors, Managers & Team Leaders Of:

  • Completions
  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Operations
  • Drilling
  • Exploration
  • Unconventional Resources
  • Geology, Geophysics and Geoscience
  • Technology Drilling
  • Exploitation


Organizations Including:

  • Hydraulic Fracturing & Completion Technology Suppliers
  • Seismic & Core Analysis Companies
  • Horizontal Drilling Companies
  • Midstream & Pipeline Companies
  • Key Industry Laboratory & Analysis Firms
  • Pressure Pumping Firms
  • Market & Economic Analysts
  • Environmental Consultancies
  • Geological Surveys
  • Research & Development Institutes & Universities
  • Modelling Software Systems Companies
  • Investment Firms
  • CO2 Sequestration
  • Water Treatment/ Management
  • Oil Transportation Companies
  • Research & Development Institutes & Universities


Examining Cost-Effective Completions Technologies & Techniques For Maximizing Tight Oil Production & Using Geological Data To Choose The Right Completions Strategy In The Cardium, Viking, Bakken & Lower Shaunavon

Due to advances in hydraulic fracturing technologies and rising oil prices, tight oil plays in Canada such as the Cardium, Viking, Bakken and Lower Shaunavon are becoming increasingly economical to exploit.  These now rank amongst some of the hottest oil plays in the world and operators are rushing to exploit them.

In order to do maximize recovery in these plays it is vital that operators understand the most cost-effective completions strategies, technologies and techniques that work best in tight oil plays.  It is also vital that they understand how to incorporate their geological findings into their completions strategy to maximize productivity.

The mission of Tight Oil Canada 2011 is bring together the key Canadian E&P companies working in the Cardium, Viking, Bakken and Lower Shaunavon to share practical solutions on minimizing cost and maximizing productivity in tight oil production.  Following on from the success of the groundbreaking Tight Oil From Shale Plays World Congress, which attracted over 300 attendees from the USA’s leading operators, this event seeks to replicate that success for the Canadian market.

The event will be the year’s only opportunity, focused specifically on the key Canadian tight oil plays where you can hear from the E&P companies themselves on how they are cost-effectively improving recovery in their plays and an unmissable opportunity to be part of the partnerships that drive the industry forward as they are formed.


"Very good and appropriate selection of topics"


Tight Oil From Shale Plays, Denver 2011